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Smirnoff launches Smirnoff White for travellers

Who? Smirnoff What? Vodka giants Smirnoff have recently announced the launch of a new super-premium vodka, the Smirnoff White, which will be available exclusively for travellers. The new product has been freeze filtered at -6°C which they say gives it an even smoother taste. Priced at £21 for 1L. When? Available now Where?

Element 29, a green vodka

Who? Element 29 What? Element 29, a British made vodka named after the 29th element in the periodic table, copper, has recently launched. The vodka is designed to be refillable via a12 bottle refill reservoir and claims to reduce packaging by 95%, cutting transported weight by 45% and transported volume by

Belvedere Vodka Milkshake Bar

Who? Belvedere Vodka What? Belvedere Vodka has teamed up with Long Beach Resort in Mauritius to create its first Milkshake Bar. the bar will serve milkshake cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients which they can enjoy looking out into the ocean or lounging by the pool. When? Open now Where? Coastal Road, Belle