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Ten tips on skin care by Donna Glazer

  1. DO NOT USE FACIAL WIPES – Their high content of preservatives and perfumes will harm your skin.
  2. DO NOT ASSUME THE SKIN GETS DIRTY – Dirt particles are too large to absorb into the skin and just sit on the surface. A harsh cleanser isn’t necessary, just a gentle cleanser to remove the top layer of grime should suffice.
  3. KEEP EXFOLIATION SESSIONS TO ONCE A WEEK – Scrubbing should be avoided as harsh scrubs remove the skin’s natural oils and can harm the skin in the long run.
  4. AVOID PICKING SPOTS – A spot takes on average 7 days to heal whereas a wound takes up to 28 days.
  5. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE – Do not over load the skin with too many products at risk of reaction.
  6. USE A GENTLE CLEANSER – To remove any make up, grease and grime at the end of the day.
  7. BE SUN SAFE BUT NOT SUN PHOBIC – Vitamin D from the sun is essential for skin and general body health.
  8. MASSAGE YOUR SKIN BEFORE BED – Incorporate a gentle face massage into your skin regime before you go to sleep. This will ease away tension and boost circulation to reveal a relaxed and bright complexion in the morning.
  9. LOAD UP ON VITAMINS – Include high quality vitamins and antioxidants in your skin care regime both orally and topically. Vitamins A , C, D and E are essential as well as omegas 3 and 6, which the body doesn’t produce.
  10. INTRODUCE “PRODUCT COCKTAILING” – Some great ingredients and beauty products work better as a pair rather than by themselves. Take the Dermaviduals Liposome Concentrate Plus, usually prescribed for blemished skin, when combined with Echinacea Extract it can also treat rosacea.
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