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What? have recently launched their new Collections feature where users can pick out some of their favourite eBay pieces to create a collage. Think Pinterest except you can buy everything you collect – all you need to do is click the “Add to collection” button on the item that you’re browsing.

Life in Luxury have been one of the first to try out the feature in the UK and have loved playing around with some of the fashion pieces (but of course you can create a collection of anything you want). We’ll admit, it was a touch confusing to start with but once we got the hang of it, it got pretty addictive.

The best thing? We can create as many collections as we want, of the things that inspire us, and share it with everyone or no one at all.

Our collections were focused on different aspects of the daily life, with a luxury angle of course. We created collections for women, themed around workbeach lifesociety events and of course parties, with items to start and finish your outfit. And we didn’t forget the men either – see our collection based around cuff-links.

It’s a great way to explore items available on eBay and find things that other people are coveting.

Check out the Life in Luxury collection here:

When? The feature is available now

Where? Create your collection on as well as

How? Simply log on to your site, browse your favourite items and start curating your collection.

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