Mads Mikkelsen with BoConcept

If you’ve been following the Hannibal TV series then you’re probably familiar with Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who’s also gained global acclaim as a Bond villain. Well, Danish design company BoConcept has recently enlisted the actor’s help in promoting their home furnishing.

Taking on a more humourous role, Mikkelsen plays himself while serrendipidously promoting BoConcept’s Danish design. And without giving away any spoilers, the ending is a little unexpected.

BoConcept says: “Of course the cool and classy furniture of BoConcept plays a big part in The Call. However, the film is not an ad, but a thrilling drama showing two passionate actors doing what they do best. In beautiful settings, that is. We can’t help it. And as we all know: The right settings reinforce the story of every film!”

We love it even if it is an ad.

Click play below to watch the short (promotional) film from our sponsors, BoConcept.

Post sponsored by BoConcept

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