Louis xiii

Whether you’re a cognac connoisseur or a newcomer to the nectar of the gods looking for a serious introduction into the world of exclusive drinks, the Louis XIII cognac is guaranteed to impress. Despite its youth and apparent lack of regard for the usual rules of ‘fine cognac’, the Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac is high on the list of ‘must have’ bottles for any serious collector, connoisseur or party compere.

A flagship product from the acclaimed stables of Remy Martin, this heavyweight in the world of cognacs is the result of a blend of over 1200 different eau de vie, each hand picked for their unique flavours and characteristics. Unlike many other premium cognac varieties, the Louis XIII cognac is not matured for centuries in the cellars of the distillery. Instead, this cognac is a blend of younger brandies from Remy’s own stock, paired perfectly with some key older picks that have matured for various durations.

In all of the past 75 years of their exquisite cognac production, Remy have only allowed a grand total of three maîtres de chai to be responsible for blending the final product. The master blender follows production of the product from start to finish, to ensure each and every bottle of Louis XIII cognac is a testament to the expertise and hard work that has gone into it.

With all of this attention to detail, and decades of expertise, you would expect something truly sensational from this fine and rare cognac. And you wouldn’t be disappointed. In the glass, a skilful nose will pick up elements of white and milk chocolate, blending with a rich and heady cocktail of other complex scents, such as sandalwood, vanilla and even tobacco. In the mouth, you can indulge in a taste sensation as you are guided through layers of woody mushroom, sharp prunes and fresh vanilla pods, all overlain with a freshness that nods in the direction of mint. The finish is, as expected, long and divine with a punch of spring flowers and ripe peaches making way for a caramel nuttiness that stays long after the glass has gone.

Whether it’s a special occasion, a gift for a friend or just a decadent treat for yourself, this is one cognac that you just have to have and to experience at least once in a lifetime.

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